Woman in Retrograde – dir. Imogen Harrison

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Original Film Title: Woman in Retrograde

Director’s Name: Imogen Harrison

Writer’s Name: Kellie Blaise

Producer: Caroline Kealy, Dave Minogue

Country of Origin: Ireland

Country of Filming: Ireland

Language: English

Runtime: 17 minutes 53 seconds

Film Description:

Following the death of her only son Charlie, former school teacher Saoirse Reilly develops D.I.D (Dissociative Identity Disorder) as a coping mechanism. Unable to deal with his ill wife, Jack Reilly admits her to the local psychologist Dr. Cahill whose clinic is located on the grounds of Saint Jude’s Psychiatric Hospital. Dr. Cahill has been treating her to no avail for over twelve months.

Dr. Cahill stumbles upon an alternative method of treatment following months of frustration and zero change in Saoirse’s catatonic state. Railing against everything he’s been taught, he ploughs ahead and is surprised and excited with the results achieved. He has unlocked something within Saoirse, but what has emerged is her new personality, that of 1920’s infamous flapper girl Zelda Fitzgerald.

Under threat from his superiors and the disappointment of his colleague Lennie, Cahill faces the moral dilemma of whether to return Saoirse to her upsetting reality or allow her to retain the identity of her vibrant alter ego.

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