Noen – dir. Bernhard Østebø

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Original Film Title: Noen

Director’s Name: Bernhard Østebø

Writer’s Name: Bernhard Østebø, Andreas Petterson

Producer: Ole Georg Østevik

Country of Origin: Norway

Country of Filming: Norway

Language: No Dialogue

Runtime: 15 minutes 25 seconds

Film Description:

Through a series of enigmatic and dreamlike scenes we meet a boy, a man and a woman, each in their own way engaged in a journey through inner and outer landscapes. The fourth “character” is a mysterious glass ball, wandering around from hand to hand. Some times distant and unreachable, some times close and tangible. Like waves, the characters drift towards and away from each other. 
Noen is a cinematic poem about enchantment and loss, hope and longing. Inspired by the lyrics of Nick Cave, but not meant to be an illustration or interpretation of these. 
The film is almost entirely without spoken words, and the story is driven by images, music and movement. The adult main characters are played by professional dancers, and there are two dance sequences.

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