Fest Regards Collaborators

We appreciate the voluntary participation of all the unique creators by heart.

Margaret Duggan – Content Manager & Online Coordinator

Margaret Duggan is an Italian American film graduate of Cinema and Television Arts with an emphasis in film production from California State University Northridge in Los Angeles, and is now studying Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production at University of Bologna, Italy. She has produced several short films and has worked on professional sets in Italy. She currently writes in the cultural section of Italian youth online newspaper La Politica del Popolo with her column Il Controcampo, and also has her own film theory blog Deep Views.

Gaisha Madanova – Content Manager

Gaisha Madanova studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. Her artistic practice involves different media and techniques (printmaking, objects, digital media, installations). Since 2007 Gaisha Madanova is a founding member of the international art collective Artpologist. Since 2012 she got involved in curatorial practice and made different projects inside and outside Kazakhstan. VIDEO[ARTiFACT]; DIYALOG: New Energies; mikro[smART]raiony, Internal Storage – Not Enough Space? Notable group exhibitions where her works have been shown include DIE GRENZE (2019-17), Eurasian Utopia: Post Scriptum (Suwon, 2018), BREAD&ROSES: Four Generations of Kazakh Women (Berlin, 2018), Postnomadic Mind (London, 2018), SUNS AND NEONS ABOVE KAZAKHSTAN (Baku, 2017)

Heiner Mühlenbrock – Consultant & Awards Presenter

Heiner Mühlenbrock attended the Berlin Film and Television Academy, he’s been making films since 1980, videos and television productions, and participated in several international festivals. Films including Okay okay – Der moderne Tanz, Deutschlandbilder, Die Stadt. In recent years he has increasingly curated independent projects: MENSCHEN AM SONNTAG #1 – Going for a walk inside KRAFTWERK Berlin, MENSCHEN AM SONNTAG #2 – Voices inside KRAFTWERK Berlin. The essay film – sichtbares denken (visible thinking) – in the DENKEREI and fsk cinema. International Symposium – Prelude for a future ESSAY-FILM-FESTIVAL, THE CAN PROJECT – Berlin – Concerts at the Volksbühne Berlin, films and talks at the BABYLON cinema.

Katerina Giannakopoulou – Online Moderator

Katerina is a multidisciplinary award-winning artist, dancer, actress, choreographer, director, producer & filmmaker of Greek origins working all around the world with humans, artists, filmmakers and masters of their instruments. “I combine stories, modern arts/dance with traditional arts/dance, flamenco, dance theatre using complex rhythms, sounds and music from all over the world to create innovative performances and films with social impact. My approach is always to deliver a powerful message on a theme through a story performed by a highly developed character using the power of music, dance and cinema.” Her creations “Pandemia” and “The Tragedy of Domna Visvizi” won more then 80 awards worldwide. Her hope with her documentary series “Only Human” in collabortion with music4everybody e.V.! and cineMars is to allow us a moment, through artistic expression, to be reminded that we are not so significantly different from others. The universal language of art and music lets us communicate and maybe share a space where freedom is accessible and boundaries don’t exist, aiming towards and re-imagining a better world … together.

Jason Stuart – Online Moderator

Stuart is a longtime veteran of stand-up comedy, born in the Bronx and raised in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles. After years of steady work in film and television, and over 150 credits on his IMDB page, actor and comedian Jason Stuart has achieved a pinnacle of success many actors only dream of. “For the last few years, people have started to approach me and say, ‘You’re that guy,’” he explains with his characteristic gravelly laugh. Indeed, with guest-starring and supporting credits in everything from the Billy Bob Thornton starrer “Goliath” to Judd Apatow’s “Love” to “Sleepy Hollow” to “Tangerine” and “The Birth of a Nation,” Stuart has now established himself as one of those all-too-familiar faces who might just pop up anywhere, in any kind of role.

Mitch Hara – Online Moderator

Mitch Hara (actor/writer/director) was raised by speed-freak alcoholics which shaped his unique voice and eccentric view of the world. He escaped to NYC at age 19, when he was invited to join the acclaimed Actors Studio. He did countless plays Off Broadway and hit the comedy clubs. While pole dancing on 42nd street he was called to L.A. to do a burp-and-it-was-gone pilot, “Eddie Dodd,” with Treat Williams. He subsequently did numerous guest spots including recurring roles on “ER,” followed by four more pilots and wound up as staff writer on several Sitcoms. The independent film world discovered his unique talent and he starred in “The Art of Dying” with Wings Hauser. His standout performance landed him starring roles in 11 more films. He’s played opposite John Savage, Sally Kirland, Karen Black, Angela Landsbury, Paul Bartel, Shelly Winters, Al Pacino, Patrick Swayze, Susan Lucci, Doris Roberts, John Travolta – just to name drop a touch.

Henriett Tunyogi – Online Moderator

A ballerina, actor and director born in Tata, Hungary. Henriett Tunyogi lives in-between London and Budapest and became a naturalised British citizen in 2017. In 2014, Tunyogi was awarded one of the Hungarian state’s highest decorations, The Hungarian Order of Merit – Officer’s Cross, for services to Art and Culture. In 2017 Tunyogi director-produced, wrote and starred in the 22-time award-winning short film Night Song which explores the trauma of rape through generations. In 2016 her short-film ‘Love’ was selected as one of the best movies that year by Straight 8 in London and premiered at the Vue Piccadilly (dancer, director and producer). Tunyogi has performed internationally at prestigious venues in London, Rome, Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokohama, Bejing, Qingdao, New Delhi, Miskolc International Bartok Festival, Budapest Spring Festival, Edinburgh Festival, Festival of Majorca and Gala Performances like Stars of the Hungarian Ballet.

Magi Avila – Online Moderator

Magi is the director and producer of multi-award-winning Altitude Not Attitude. Her most recent work as an actress can be seen in the TV Series My American Family featuring Danny Trejo, streaming now on Amazon Prime. Also, with Bruce Willis in First Kill, in Dog Eat Dog with Nicolas Cage, in A Better Life with Demian Bichir, in the TV Series Training Day with the late Bill Paxton and The Shield with Michael Chikilis. She moved to Los Angeles after a successful career in Mexican films, theater, TV News Hosting and Opera performances. Under her new Kepler 22 Group banner she teaches her Six Steps Formula to Becoming a Working Actor, a six weeks online course, and is currently preparing for assignments on both sides of the camera.

Bastiaan Rook – Online Moderator

Bastiaan is a filmmaker from the Netherlands. In 2011 he made his first short film called Doorslag (breaking point). In 2015 it won short of the week on AMCi Indie Spotlight and was picked up by ShortsTV in May 2018. He is the founder of B.ROGUE productions, whose goal is to create content that fits in the world of fiction, and tell stories through short and feature films, music videos and series. He just finished his short film ‘On air’, starring Sytse Faber and Poal Cairo. On the 21st of May 2019 his short was shown at Shortcutz Amsterdam.