Just 2 Apples – dir. Maurice Schaalje

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Original Film Title: Just 2 Apples

Director’s Name: Maurice Schaalje

Writer’s Name: Maurice Schaalje

Producer: Maurice Schaalje

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Country of Filming: Netherlands

Language: Dutch

Runtime: 7 minutes 11 seconds

Film Description:

In “Just 2 Apples,” two apples, one green and one red, find themselves in a fruit bowl. The green apple yearns for contact with the red one, but the red apple rebuffs its attempts. Over time, two other apples from the same fruit bowl are taken and sliced, much to the dismay of the green and red apple. However, this brings them closer together, and they form a strong bond.

One evening, a break-in occurs in the house. The apples look at each other, concerned about their fate. The intruder, who is hungry, decides to eat the red apple. Just before he can take a bite, glass falls to the ground, distracting and startling him. He decides to set the apple aside and quickly returns to loot the house.

The two apples now lie close to each other, and the green apple realizes that the red apple saved its life by causing the glass to fall. At that moment, the intruder is confronted by the homeowner, leading to a firefight between them. Accidentally, the fruit bowl is struck. The red apple awakens and searches for the green apple, who has been injured. The red apple brings the green one to safety.

The two apples see the doorway, but they also realize that the intruder is coming in their direction. The red apple knows that they will be crushed if he does nothing, so he sacrifices himself to push the green apple toward the door. The red apple is crushed by the intruder.

Outside, the green apple lies alone in the rain. The intruder runs past the apple while shots are fired at him. He escapes unharmed. The green apple rolls into the hole created by the gunshot. After the credits, we see an apple tree with two small apples, one red and one green, symbolizing the enduring bond between the two apples, even after their adventurous journey.

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