Witte Ali’s – dir. Jeffrey de Wit

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Original Film Title: Witte Ali’s

Director’s Name: Jeffrey de Wit

Writer’s Name: Jeffrey de Wit

Producer: Yasmine Quanjel

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Country of Filming: Netherlands

Language: Dutch

Runtime: 16 minutes 17 seconds

Film Description:

The Janssen family, a Dutch household forced to flee their homeland during the war, embarks on a remarkable journey. After a year-long asylum procedure, they finally get a new home abroad. However, their transition is not without its challenges as they encounter discriminatory prejudice. As they settle into their new lives, each family member strives to find their place in the community. The hardworking father, Theo, works as a cleaner, while the mother, Suzan, is searching for a job. Their daughter, Eva, is trying to fit in with her new high school classmates. The film literally turns the current situation upside down, holding up a mirror to the viewer.

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