NEW LAND – THE KALINAGO DREAM – dir. Tom Heinemann, Teddy Dwight Frederick

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Director’s Name: Tom Heinemann, Teddy Dwight Frederick

Producer: Tom Heinemann, Teddy Dwight Frederick

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Dominica

Language: English

Runtime: 35 minutes

Film Description:

For 500 years we have been hearing about the myth of the extinction of the Indigenous people of the Caribbean. 
This documentary journeys into the island of Dominica to tell the true story of the last remaining Indigenous people in the Lesser Antilles who have lived in the protected community of the Kalinago Territory for generations. The present population is estimated to be about 3000 people.

Despite the harrowing experience of European invasion and colonialism beginning with Christopher Columbus, the Kalinago have survived these destructive genocidal attempts and are still here today celebrating their history and culture.

The story unfolds around the life of Honorable Minister Cozier Frederick as the first representative of the Kalinago in the Dominica national government and United Nations who is working towards improving the socio-economic condition, the preservation, and promotion of the cultural heritage of the people of the Kalinago Territory.

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