A Smallholder’s Voice – dir. Clara Wetzel

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Original Film Title: A Smallholder’s Voice

Director’s Name: Clara Wetzel

Producer: Johan Eriksson

Country of Origin: Sweden

Country of Filming: Cameroon

Language: English, French

Runtime: 19 minutes 30 seconds

Film Description:

Amid many economic and social challenges, cocoa and palm oil smallholders in Cameroon have established their farms as a source of income for themselves through entrepreneurship and determination – but today, they face new challenges. Thin (or absent) profit margins, unstable markets, changing consumer demands, conflicts and unpredictable climatic patterns complicate their livelihoods now more than ever. But do they have the necessary resources to adapt to these changes?

Over half of Cameroon’s population works in the agricultural sector, and Jean-Marie, Chantal, Jean-Jacques and Mama Mary open up their worlds to us, voicing the concerns and hopes of millions of smallholders across the country.

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