Battle of Bridges – dir. Hamad Yousef Maarouf

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Original Film Title: فيلم الوثائقي الديكودراما ( معركة الجسور)

Director’s Name: Hamad Yousef Maarouf

Writer’s Name: Dakhil AlNabhan

Producer: Hamad Yousef Maarouf

Country of Origin: Kuwait

Country of Filming: Kuwait

Language: Arabic

Runtime: 47 minutes 44 seconds

Film Description:

“Battle of Bridges” is a gripping documentary film that chronicles a pivotal engagement during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990. The battle took place near the city of Al Jahra and involved Iraqi forces and sectors of the Kuwaiti army. The Iraqi forces, aiming to enter the Kuwaiti capital, crossed the Kuwaiti border through various axes, with International Highway No. 80 being the most significant.

To counter this invasion, the General Staff Command of the Kuwaiti Army assigned the 35th Armored Brigade, comprising the esteemed Hammurabi Armored Division (Republican Guard), with the crucial task of obstructing the advancing Iraqi forces. Despite facing challenges in fully mobilizing their troops, the 35th Armored Brigade valiantly engaged the Iraqi army convoys with the available resources. During the intense clash, the Iraqi forces received reinforcements from the Medina Armored Division (Republican Guard) and launched an assault on the rear front of the Kuwaiti 35th Brigade.

As ammunition supplies dwindled, the number of Iraqi forces increased, and the brigade found itself encircled, they made the strategic decision to withdraw to Saudi Arabian territory as nightfall approached. Following their entry into Saudi soil, the brigade regrouped, underwent training, and prepared themselves for the imminent liberation war to free Kuwait.

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