Let Me – dir. Tianshi Wang

Original Film Title: Let Me

Director’s Name: Tianshi Wang

Country of Origin:China

Country of Filming: China

Runtime: 1 minute 1 second

Film Description:

The girl longs for the cake in front of her. As she saw it, it was a grateful surprise that brought happiness. Though, she then worried about her body and appearance. She had always wanted a perfect body; the cake would only drag her away from her goal. Soon, frustration and disappointment filled her. “Just let me do it, please?”, she thought to herself. She turned away toward the cigarettes, she chose to run away. Her mind soon dissolved into the pleasant feelings brought by the cigars.
This is my first time making a stop-motion video and it took me months to make. The clay model, which is the girl in the video, took me the most time. The inspiration of this video (or I consider it as a short-short film) is my older-sister, where I figured that she always had those contradicted thoughts, such as longing for delicious food but at the same time wanting to remain a good body shape(although she does not smoke). I guess everyone at some point all have that kind of thought. Therefore, I made this short video to reflect on it.

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