Lost In The Black Wool – dir. XiaoQiong Liu

Original Film Title: Lost In The Black Wool

Director’s Name: XiaoQiong Liu

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Runtime: 2 minutes 23 seconds

Film Description:

This is an animated short film about an emotional self-blackmail.
I was inspired by the friends around me to discover that the psychological problems they developed in intimate relationships led to the chaos of their lives, and then used this phenomenon as a clue to explore the relationship between unhealthy attachment and self-emotion. I think this group of people is in great need of outside help and wake-ups so that they can escape from this relationship. Therefore, in this animated short film, I use the way to describe the contradictory inner activities of anxious attachment people in the relationship between the two, to show the loss and helplessness of this group of people in the face of the object, so as to build a consensus with anxious attachment people, so that they can be inspired by the third-person perspective of looking at themselves that are being eroded.