The Moon Coaster – dir. Yining Zhong

Original Film Title: The Moon Coaster

Director’s Name: Yining Zhong

Country of Origin:China

Country of Filming: China

Runtime: 15 minutes 35 seconds

Film Description:

The film tells a story of a poor girl’s encounter with the Moon God and how they heal each other. To the Moon God, the little girl’s trouble didn’t count for much. However, it was the little girl making wishes to the moon innocently, that let the Moon God knew that in this high-speed developing world, there are still some people willing to look up at the moon, and still believe in the moon, which let him realize his value. And in the conversation with the Moon God, the little girl understood that if she wants to fulfill her wishes, the most important is to be sincere.

The moon represents the inner self and the utopia of all sincere wishes. With the rapid development of the world, if you can keep sincere when you do anything, be loyal to your heart and be yourself, you will have an unexpected harvest.

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