Darling Mother_B-side – dir. Han-Ling Chuang

Original Film Title: 寶貝母親_B-side

Director’s Name: Han-Ling Chuang

Writer’s Name: Han-Ling Chuang

Producer: Han-Ling Chuang

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Country of Filming: Taiwan

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Runtime: 11 minutes 44 seconds

Film Description:

“Darling Mother: Multiperspectivity“ is a feminist-dance theater-participatory performance. The film discusses motherhood and how a woman is formed when conforming to social structure.

The meaning of B-side can be associated with the words ‘beside’ or ‘besides’, as well as referring to the B-side of a cassette tape. A cassette has two sides. Side A and Side B. The A side of a cassette has the main content. The B-side of the cassette is often never listened to. This film explores the B-side. An experimental and documentary approach is utilized to reveal the easily overlooked aspects.

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