Clinched – dir. Freja Bøgh Lassen

Original Film Title: Alt Er Hvidt

Director’s Name: Freja Bøgh Lassen,

Writer’s Name: Freja Bøgh Lassen, Jeppe Rydell

Producer: Zara Bækkelund Kristensen, Kristian Seeberg

Country of Origin: Denmark

Country of Filming: Denmark

Language: Danish

Runtime: 22 minutes 28 seconds

Film Description:

Samuel is a 23-year-old guy who lives alone in his one-bedroom apartment. He spends his time smoking weed and boxing at his local club where he is well-liked among the others, the coach included. One day, after training, he bumps into his ex-girlfriend Caroline. Samuel and ‘Caro’ have known each other since high school. Caro reveals that she misses him and believes that Samuel needs her in life. It is revealed that Samuel has tried to take his own life and that he has since broken up with her because he doesn’t know how to live alongside anyone but himself. The two of them go on a long walk and end up in the ocean as a form of emotional relief.

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