One’s family gravesite – dir. Hyungsuk Jung

Original Film Title: One’s family gravesite

Director’s Name: Hyungsuk Jung

Writer’s Name: Hyungsuk Jung

Producer: Hyungsuk Jung

Country of Origin: Korea, Republic of

Country of Filming: Korea, Republic of

Language: Korean

Runtime: 39 minutes 17 seconds

Film Description:

Natasha, originally from Uzbekistan, got a citizenship in Korea. She wishes to buy a family graveyard like Koreans do. She believes that this will somehow give Korean roots, for her descendants. She meets realtors but doesn’t have enough money to buy the land. In the last minute she finds a miraculously low-priced land put by some old lady, but she declines to sell her property to Natasha because she is a foreigner. Natasha decides to meet this lady,,,,,

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