Elly Cho

Elly Cho has exhibited around the world and holds numerous awards. Her art explores the intersection between nature, the environment and human behaviour, across various mediums including mixed media, video and performance art. In her video work, She has used familiar landscapes that stimulate viewers to engage with an imaginative response.
Her recent research about color, nature and mental health brought new body of work that explores the relationship between ecology and human existence. By drawing on colors and movement of nature, aesthetic of being, and poetry in nature. She trys to mimic the movement of the species and then expanding the drawing to a more imaginary scene of poeticism. She feels that nature is a place where everyone feels to be part of and even if we are all apart from each other, being in nature, makes us together and connected. Through her work, She seek to instill in the viewer a highly charged but nostalgic awareness of things long since past. She aim to experiment further, encouraging political engagement that allows both artwork and environment to jointly contribute to current artistic discourse.

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