Yiwen Cao

We are glad to mention Yiwen Cao in years again with her brand new creation after Chubby Café via ARFF Berlin. She has also taken part in the World Record Nominated collaborated film ”Astrall Story”, created by Around Films Collective. 

The director Yiwen Cao is a young female filmmaker, who wants to give people mental power from her films. She is good at using suspense plots and real scenes to let the audience feel what the main role suffers in films. And this is her first time to be a director.

Besides, she is very warm hearted and amiable. Though some people may not recognize her gender by judging her appearance at first glance, she is willing to use this feature in movies to show people gender is not a big deal. The essence of human beings is the same.

Genre:  #shortfilm #fiction

During the epidemic of COVID-19, many people are facing the crisis of unemployment. Due to strict prevention measures, Chinese Internet enterprises suffer heavy losses and decide to fire more than millions of programmers. And these companies use the word “Graduation” instead of “Layoff”…A common programmer broke down under the huge pressure of the crucial fact and the high expectation from mom, who believes short videos say that programmers are all millionaires……

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Elvira Kalnik

Elvira has received high music and vocal education in both Ukraine and Germany, where she studied opera. Teachers used to call her an opera diva with a rock n roll mind. 

Elvira hasn’t seen herself in opera. However, she’s incorporated an opera vocal in some songs in her album Peachy Pink that has been recorded in a variety of genres. She began writing and performing songs a while before she started her education. Elvira produced her first album prior to her 15th birthday, just a year after she wrote her first song. 

Trying different genres, she found herself in electronic music, which partially was included in the album Peachy Pink along with other musical styles. Later, she released an EDM single I Wish to Practice Me 
After success with her EDM/Dubstep instrumental Chemical Reaction, Elvira Kalnik has signed a contract with Hooki-Sonic Recordings and released a new version with vocals Chemical Reaction – Vocal Mix 

Later, she released her new version of Donna Summer’s break out dance single I feel love with GME agency. Elvira rearranged the song in EDM/Dubstep with powerful vocal. 
Her new album, Magical Child was born in Vegas when Elvira wrote the song “Magical Child”, which turned into an entire project. 
Everyone has a Magical Child inside. All we need to do is just to tune in and listen. 
Writing scripts and filming became Elvira’s new exciting path since 2016th when she filmed her first music video to her song “I Met You on Christmas”. Since then, she writes, directs and produces music videos. 

Her works: I Met You on Christmas, It’s Valentine, Summer Time, Just Dance With It, For Crying Out Loud, Give It Up To Me, Warm Me Up, Inside Me, Blind Love, Star Dance, Nord Doll.

Videos: Star Dance, NORD DOLL, Blind Love, Inside Me, Warm Me Up, Just Dance With It, For Crying Out loud, it’s Valentine, I Met You on Christmas, Sush Miagi, Istary group, Loco Cimbali. 

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Ee T. Lim 

After her award-winning creations, she has produced several short films, including Fish Head (2019) – which won an Emerging Cinematographer Award – and Did You Say No (2020). Rice Connection (2022) marks her first directorial debut, as this is the first time she has both written and directed a documentary. She is now in the process of producing another feature documentary and a short with other dance artists.  She is famous for creating collaborative multidisciplinary works involving rice. Aida and her co-collaborators participated in the different phases of the paddy’s life cycle and finally created a dance performance out of this process. The director, Ee T. Lim,  wishes to raise awareness about the global food shortage and the hardships of agriculture through this dance documentary.

Director Statement

I want to show the world through this film how a Muslim woman is able to break stereotypes and create whatever art/dance she is inspired to – despite societal and religious pressures. Through this project, I hope to shed light on the diversity of Malaysian society and how people from different cultural and religious backgrounds are able to live under the same roof and create art together. At the same time, the world’s populations are facing food shortage and I hope to raise awareness about appreciating the hardships of agriculture and the technique that is needed in order to keep this agricultural field going.

GENRE:  #documentary #short #experimental

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Nan Li

In 2017, Nan Li won the New Director Award at the 9th Macau International Film Festival for her feature film “Brutal Truth”.
Nan Li’s screenwriting works “Pacific Family Letter”, “New Style New Year” and “Communal Youth Years” have been funded by the Special Fund for Promoting Shanghai Film Development, Young Screenwriters Project and Shanghai Culture and Arts Project.
In 2021, wrote and directed the TV series “Happy Boo Year”, which was co-invested and released by TikTok, starring by Li Dang, Qin Niu Zhengwei, Zhang Yan, Dannen (10 million fans), Zhong Fu Xiang and Sun Chen Jun, reached 350 million plays.

Director Statement

Jan 2022, Hunan, a woman jumped to her death, the child is 2 months old.

Mar 2021, Hong Kong, a woman jumped to her death, the child is 5 months old.

Dec 2020, Henan, a woman jumped to her death, the child is 7 days old.

Nov 2019, Jinan, a woman jumped to her death, the child is 4 months.

Dec 2018, Fuzhou, a woman jumped to her death, the child is 1 month.

The report “Guidelines for the prevention and treatment of post-partum depression”, issued by the Chinese official, states the prevalence in China is 1.1%-52.1%.

In this extremely wide range and vague data, I see the scream that cannot be shouted and the life that has been lost.

I am a mother of a 2-year-old daughter who has also suffered from postpartum depression.

The whole short film is born from the truth and from the lament of 52.1% of women.

* About the teeth and imprisoned in chains plots of the short film come from the news in January 28, 2022.

A woman in Xuzhou, China, was imprisoned in a dark room, having eight children, with no teeth and no legal outcome to date.

Elly Cho

Elly Cho’s work has been exhibited around the world and has received numerous awards. Her art explores the intersection between nature, the environment and human behavior, cross various mediums including painting, mixed media, video and performance art.

 Cho’s approach to art making, is largely inspired by the relationship between nature, environment and the viewer’s perception to nature based on their personal history.  She approachs the subject matter of cultural landscapes in narrative form, and these narratives often relate to her own life experiences and memories. In her video work, she has used familiar landscapes that stimulate viewers to engage with an imaginative response.

Cho’s awards include Sunny Art Prize in London, Award Winner of The Best Experimental Film, Best Silent Film, Best Dance Choreography Film, and Best Director at Cannes World Film Festival, Berlin Shorts, New York International Film Awards, ARFF Barcelona /Around International Film Festival, Oniros Film Awards, Best Actor& Director Awards New York among others. Her work has screened at film festivals such as ‘AVIFF’ Cannes Art Film Festival and Asia Film Art International Film Festival in Hong Kong and “Times Square Midnight Moment” in New York. Her residency participation includes the 3-D Sculpture Park artist residency program in Switzerland and AHL Foundation Residency in New York.

Cho’s works are featured in major collections such as Seoul Municipal Museum and Musée Cantonale des Beaux-Arts du Valais in Switzerland, and in  such as ‘Nature’s Tempo’ at the Korean Cultural Services of New York, and ‘Going Green’ in conjunction with Queens Art Express in New York.  She is passionate about performance art, projects include ‘Sounds of Fragment: Ecological Dreams’ at the Nam June Park Art Center and Seoul Innovation Park.

Cho was born in and resides in Seoul, Korea, but was educated in Switzerland, UK and USA.  She holds a BA and MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art in London and an MA in Art Education from Columbia University, by which she recently was honored with the Teacher’s College Medal for Distinguished Service. After obtaining her MFA, she taught visual art courses as well as theory at universities in Korea.

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Fay Nass & Diana Garcia Hernandez

Fay Nass

Fay Nass is a community-engaged director, writer, dramaturg, innovator, producer and educator. Fay is The Artistic Director of the frank theatre company.
Fay has over fifteen years of experience in text-based and devised work deeply rooted in inter-cultural and collaborative approaches. Her work often examines questions of race, gender, sexuality, culture and language through an intersectional lens in order to shift meanings and de-construct paradigms rooted in our society. Her work celebrates liminality and transculturalism and blurs the line between politics and intimate personal stories.
Fay has extensive experiences as an educator and cultural consultant. Her pedagogy is rooted in anti-racism and anti-oppression. She was the curator and cultural consultant and curator of the artist residencies with NVRC in 2019. Fay has been a passionate advocate and educator for equity, inclusion and diversity. Some of her initiatives and processes had a direct impact on Vancouver theater ecology and have opened up new possibilities for marginalized and racialized bodies.

Diana Garcia Hernandez

Born in Valencia (Spain), Diana moved to Canada in 2013. Diana holds a BA in Education and Education Psychology, as well as a Masters in Applied Spanish Linguistics. She has recently gained a certificate in Social Impact Strategy from University of Pennsylvania. She currently works in the NorthVan School District. She’s been published on different occasions in the Spanish Professional Teaching Magazine “Publicaciones Didácticas”. She’s presented at several educational conferences, including: The Better to Eat You With, which was presented at “Fairy Tale Psychoanalysis Conference” in Spain, based on Bruno Bettelheim. Diana is interested in the power of language in Dramatic Arts and explores the playfulness of language and its potential to trouble codes of linguistic semiotics. She is interested in multilingual plays and how language can shift our perception. Diana is currently collaborating in The Cafe, which will be presented at Push International Performing Arts Festival in January 2022.

Diana worked as an Education Consultant for the United Nations from October 2019 to February 2020, providing direction and guidance to EU members in the planning, development and implementation of teachers formative training in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She designed a Master’s program for teachers to study the essential competencies, skills and multidisciplinary knowledge to become globally responsible sustainable managers in their respective schools. The program needs to be accompanied by software that is being developed and will be offered in the University of Malaga, Spain. 

Genre: #documentary #short


Genre: #feature #fiction #history

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TREI HILL is a film director from Germantown, Maryland. During his youth, he gained a passion performing and organizing for school plays and chorus. With a focus on football, Trei joined Division 1 programs at University of Alabama-Birmingham and Alabama A&M University. He began to perform and host hip hop events throughout the country until attending the Art Institute of Washington. Studying in their Film & Television program, he began directing music videos and promotionals for several Washington, DC artists. What followed was a brief stint instructing for the “Gandhi Brigade,” a Silver Spring, MD Non-Profit Organization with classes that teach PSA and socially conscious documentary production. This period of time also featured several music & kickstarter events where Trei would host as Maestro of Ceremonies. He spent over three years working on large budget film productions as a production assistant. Productions range from Netflix House of Cards, Jason Bourne, Black Lightning, Loving, Bad Moms Christmas, Ghostbusters, and several more. Trei just gained a MFA at the Graduate Film & Television Program in Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta, Georgia. Now he makes short films while developing his next film production.


Genre: #shortfilm #studentfilm #fiction

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Marina Kunarova

Marina Kunarova is a director and scriptwriter. Marina started working in the film industry since she was 17. She started as a clapper loader and worked her way up and eventually became a film director and scriptwriter. She has worked with films in different genres; however, her favorite is definitely action. Most of her filmmaking skills come from working on sets. She has also attended several filmmaking and scriptwriting workshops and seminars around the world. But she believes that practice is the best way to learn and improve your skills.

2010 “999” (director, scriptwriter)
2010 TV serial “Kurdastar” – (director, scriptwriter)
2014 “Hunting the Phantom” feature film (director, scriptwriter)
2017 The Reporter (director, scriptwriter)
2020 -21 The crying steppe
2020 Years of Joy and Love
2015 The crying steppe feature film (scriptwriter)
2017 The Reporter (scriptwriter)
2016 MARSEILLE feature film (scriptwriter)
2016 Kill Tarantino feature film (scriptwriter)
2015 «The Earthman» feature film (scriptwriter)
2014 « The years of joy and love» feature film (scriptwriter)
2014 « Song of Hunu» animation film (scripwriter)
2013 «The Great Silk Way» feature film (scriptwriter)
2012 “Hunting the Phantom” feature film (director, scriptwriter)
2011 «Future football» feature film (scriptwriter)
2011 «The friendship proved by war» feature film (scriptwriter)
2011 “Mother’s heart” feature film (scriptwriter)
2010 TV serial “Kurdastar” – (director, scriptwriter)
2010 “999” (director, scriptwriter)
2009 “The River side” feature film (scriptwriter)
2008 “Lava” feature film (Scriptwriter)
2007 Reality show «Daraboz» (author)
2006 «Long way to home» feature film ( co-writer)
2005 « Songs of soul» documentary (creative producer)
2005 «Samara – city» documentary (co-writer)
2004 «The steppe and the ocean” documentary (co-writer)

• Screening at the “Black Tallin” Film Festival, Estonia, 2010
• The Wisest Film – Artek Film Festival, Ukraine, 2010
• Winner – The Best Foreign Film – LA Femme Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2010
• Best film – Berdyansk Film Festival, Ukraine, 2011
• KILL TARANTINO Best Pitch – Short Shorts Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan 2016


Genre: #feature #fiction #history

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Roberto Ruiz Cespedes

Roberto Ruiz Cespedes. Born in Santander (1987). Resident in Madrid. Roberto is a novelist, screenwriter and director. Diploma in Film Direction from the KINEMA film school in Bilbao (first of his class and awarded with the final year project in 2008-2011). Master’s Degree in Screenwriting for Film and TV from the TAI school in Madrid (Remarkable High, 2011-2012). He has worked on 30 projects in the directing and producing department.

Roberto has written and directed 20 short films, two experimental feature films and one feature film (2021). His first commercial film is STOYAN, a psychological horror thriller starring Tristán Ulloa, Marta Milans, Carlos Mestanza, Susana Hornos, Nicolás Coronado, Max Ulloa, Mariano Venancio, Natalia Rodríguez and Paulina Gálvez.

Shot in 2020/2021. Film with Official Selection at the 5th Pitchbox 2018 and Special Mention at Sitges Pitchbox 2017. Film produced by Gold Tower Producciones, American Road Films, Hache Producciones and STOYAN A.I.E.

Her short film BROKEN BASKET, starring Belén Rueda, was selected at more than 40 festivals within the Oscars Preselection circuit, such as the Short Film Corner (Cannes), Honorable Mention by the Jury for Belén Rueda at the Queens World Film Festival (New York), among others. The film STOYAN is based on this short film. Roberto wrote and directed SIEMPRE FUI ALEX together with Sancho Ortiz de Lejarazu, a documentary short film about transsexuality in childhood. With more than 40 selections in national and international festivals, awarded to the best short film in CORTOS POR LA IGUALDAD (VALENCIA).

Roberto has published three novels. The latest MARMA RABBIT Boy (2020), published by the
Editorial Amarante. The first LOS JIMENEZ SUEÑAN COMO QUIEREN (2017)
and the second MERO FIRMAMENTO (2018), both published by Ediciones Camelot.

To date, Roberto has adapted MARMA RABBIT Boy into a feature film and is in the financing phase together with his brother and partner Iván Ruiz Céspedes. This project has been twice awarded at the II IMPULSE WORKSHOP (Government of Cantabria, November 2021), being invited with the project to the European Film Market in Berlin (2023) and the MAFIZ of the Malaga Festival (2022). The project is being pitched to professionals in the sector during this phase.

Roberto has written 20 feature films, miniseries and series on projects, in the development phase. Among all of them is the TRILOGÍA DEL NIRVANA, a set of three films with STOYAN that make up the second part and its prequel. MIRLO BLANCO: EL BODHISATTVA y MADRE HINDÚ. They are two film projects in the development phase after the imminent and expected success of STOYAN throughout this 2022. Roberto continues today writing more projects.


Genre: #suspense #fantastic #fiction

#arffparis #wsxaparis #arffbarcelona #wsxabarcelona #arffberlin #arffamsterdam

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Shihyun Wang

Although Shihyun hated accounting, Sherry followed her parents wish and became a CPA. Although she lacked people skills, she took on Real Estate to supplement her income.

Then she became an emptynester with many unfulfilled dreams. Dreams of making films. In Oct. 2015, she started her youtube channel – The Mysterydecoder. And it now has over 47,000 subscribers with 12 million views.

To overcome funding challenges every Indie filmmakers faced, she wrote, edit and produced most of her 500+ films. To prove training and experience comes in second after talent, she made documentaries, comedy, Sci-Fi, horror, musical, romance and even western. To prove we can still make meaningful films during Covid quarantine, she made films in Taiwan and remotely directed many films in USA in 2020. Her 24 films produced during Covid Pandemic won 14 Accolade Global Competition award , 16 Indiefest Awards, 9 Best Shorts Awards during quarantine between Jan 2020 till May 2021. .While 54th Worldfest Houston awarded her with 4 Silver and 3 Bronze Remi for 7 films produced in 2020 and 2021..

It is hard to walk this path, but “Best Film 2017” from Hell Chess Film Festival proved this is the route to take. Thanks for Mindfield, Pinnacle and Royal Wolf for giving me encouragement and support over the years. And thanks for Bare Bone festival for awarding me best produced documentary in 2020. It takes a lot for festival to award an unknown filmmaker top awards but 25th annual Indie Gathering gave 2 awards while 12th annual Socal Film Awards gave out 3 awards.

Thanks to my talented cast and crew. Thanks to the judges and viewers for liking our efforts. Filmmaking is magical, it took me to places I have never been before.


Genre: #mystery #documentary #short

#arffparis #wsxaparis #arffbarcelona #wsxabarcelona #arffberlin #arffamsterdam

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