Marina Kunarova

Marina Kunarova is a director and scriptwriter. Marina started working in the film industry since she was 17. She started as a clapper loader and worked her way up and eventually became a film director and scriptwriter. She has worked with films in different genres; however, her favorite is definitely action. Most of her filmmaking skills come from working on sets. She has also attended several filmmaking and scriptwriting workshops and seminars around the world. But she believes that practice is the best way to learn and improve your skills.

2010 “999” (director, scriptwriter)
2010 TV serial “Kurdastar” – (director, scriptwriter)
2014 “Hunting the Phantom” feature film (director, scriptwriter)
2017 The Reporter (director, scriptwriter)
2020 -21 The crying steppe
2020 Years of Joy and Love
2015 The crying steppe feature film (scriptwriter)
2017 The Reporter (scriptwriter)
2016 MARSEILLE feature film (scriptwriter)
2016 Kill Tarantino feature film (scriptwriter)
2015 «The Earthman» feature film (scriptwriter)
2014 « The years of joy and love» feature film (scriptwriter)
2014 « Song of Hunu» animation film (scripwriter)
2013 «The Great Silk Way» feature film (scriptwriter)
2012 “Hunting the Phantom” feature film (director, scriptwriter)
2011 «Future football» feature film (scriptwriter)
2011 «The friendship proved by war» feature film (scriptwriter)
2011 “Mother’s heart” feature film (scriptwriter)
2010 TV serial “Kurdastar” – (director, scriptwriter)
2010 “999” (director, scriptwriter)
2009 “The River side” feature film (scriptwriter)
2008 “Lava” feature film (Scriptwriter)
2007 Reality show «Daraboz» (author)
2006 «Long way to home» feature film ( co-writer)
2005 « Songs of soul» documentary (creative producer)
2005 «Samara – city» documentary (co-writer)
2004 «The steppe and the ocean” documentary (co-writer)

• Screening at the “Black Tallin” Film Festival, Estonia, 2010
• The Wisest Film – Artek Film Festival, Ukraine, 2010
• Winner – The Best Foreign Film – LA Femme Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2010
• Best film – Berdyansk Film Festival, Ukraine, 2011
• KILL TARANTINO Best Pitch – Short Shorts Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan 2016


Genre: #feature #fiction #history

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