Stranger At The Funeral – dir. Ana Estrada

Director’s Name: Ana Estrada

Producer Rubén Enzian

Country of Origin: Peru

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 27 minutes

Film Description:

The death of Roberto, father, and head of the family, took the town’s society by surprise, especially his family made up of his wife Raquel and their three adult children, Fernando, Mariana, and Alfonso. In the wake, an unknown man that no one knew, only one of his sons, arrived and was very moved by Roberto’s death. Who is this stranger who came to the funeral? What mystery does involves this man? What relationship did this man have with the deceased? The arrival of the stranger will change the life of this wealthy family. Also, will make the viewers reflect on what could happen if a similar situation happened to them. See the unfolding of the history of this short film directed and written by Ana María Estrada, whose unexpected and shocking ending will leave everyone thinking, and more than one, with their mouths open.

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