Stranger At The Funeral – dir. Ana Estrada

Director’s Name: Ana Estrada

Producer Rubén Enzian

Country of Origin: Peru

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 27 minutes

Film Description:

The death of Roberto, father, and head of the family, took the town’s society by surprise, especially his family made up of his wife Raquel and their three adult children, Fernando, Mariana, and Alfonso. In the wake, an unknown man that no one knew, only one of his sons, arrived and was very moved by Roberto’s death. Who is this stranger who came to the funeral? What mystery does involves this man? What relationship did this man have with the deceased? The arrival of the stranger will change the life of this wealthy family. Also, will make the viewers reflect on what could happen if a similar situation happened to them. See the unfolding of the history of this short film directed and written by Ana María Estrada, whose unexpected and shocking ending will leave everyone thinking, and more than one, with their mouths open.

DIES IRAE – Day of wrath – dir. Nacho Gutierrez

Original Film Title: DIES IRAE (Día de Ira)

Director’s Name: Nacho Gutierrez

Writer’s Name: Nacho Gutierrez

Producer’s Name: MACAON FILMS

Country of Origin: Spain

Country of Filming: Spain

Language: English, French, Latin, Spanish

Runtime: 7 minutes 20 seconds

Film Description:

Inspired by “Qatsi trilogy”(Koyaanisqatsi,1982) and Zygmunt Bauman’s theory of liquid modernity, this film shows with a critical point of view with fantastic overtones, the director’s vision of destroyed spaces and isolated human beings in empty cities: Citizens inside home, watching helplessly as hundreds of thousands of people disappear due to the global health crisis in the new normal as the absence of normality.
However, the machinery of the globalized world has continued to destroy or operate in automatic mode for rebuilding everything that guarantees its development. It doesn´t matters if the zoonosis produced by an animal virus that could infects humans’ beings occurs by intensive animal farming, nor the eternal threat of global warming of the planet. All guilt is immediately forgiven to foster economic growth

File 631 – dir. Marius Th. Barna

Original Film Title: File 631

Director’s Name: Marius Th. Barna

Writer’s Name: Bogdan Ficeac

Producer’s Name: Marius Th. Barna, Avram Iclozan

Country of Origin: Romania

Country of Filming: Romania

Language: Romanian

Runtime: 2 hours 8 minutes

Film Description:

The film, inspired by real events, reveals a web of intrigues from the unseen world of politics, press and secret services, a world of corruption, of cynicism, of unscrupulousness… The young reporter Dinu, seemingly naive and inexperienced, is sent by his boss, the owner of a television trust, to resume the investigation into the old case of the CIA flying prisons, which is said to have landed also in Romania. Following some contradictory information, Dinu is caught in the middle of extremely hard conflicts between groups of former Intelligence Officers and Politicians. Coincidentally or not, Dinu is mysteriously looking for File 631, named after the purchase price of a kitchen hood buyed by a truthful politician, who discovers an incredible leak of information from a NATO base in Romania. The press event agitates, provokes, tempts different media, top politicians, secret services, both internal and external, causing hilarious dramas, but also absurd, and the fact itself becomes the main stake of the subsequent events. The explosive ending is a real examination of conscience for Dinu. He tries to maintain his professional dignity and finds duplicity, amoral volatility and the lack of measure of a world that relentlessly continues its course.

Director Biography – Marius Th. Barna

There’s No Hell Like Home – dir. Russell Southam

Original Film Title: There’s No Hell Like Home

Director’s Name: Russell Southam

Writer’s Name: Russell Southam

Producer’s Name: Russell Southam

Country of Origin: Australia

Country of Filming: Australia

Language: English

Runtime: 14 minutes 45 seconds

Film Description:

Sometimes your sanctuary is not always your salvation.

This film deals with the suspension of mental health outpatient services, border closures, and public health orders to self-isolate in Australia during the 2020/2021 Covid-19 global pandemic.
How do the homeless, the poor, and those ostracized by family and friends access their ongoing mental health care when social distancing closes regional outpatient services?