A Shared Gesture  – dir. Anatoly Cheremukhin

Original Film Title: A Shared Gesture

Director’s Name: Anatoly Cheremukhin

Producer: Anatoly Cheremukhin

Country of Origin: Chile

Language: No Dialogs

Runtime: 12 minutes

Film Description: This is a story about a young violinist who leaves his home in search of a better life. To earn his living, the boy works at a construction site and devotes his lunch breaks to play the violin.

One day a passing by music teacher notices him. Touched by the boy’s eagerness, the musician offers his help in sharping boy’s violin playing skills. The young man happily agrees and comes home to his new teacher. Unfortunately, during the first lesson, the instrument slips out of the hands of a young violinist when he tries to perform a difficult passage.
On the way to his dream, the young boy will have to overcome a series of obstacles: restoring a broken violin, endless lessons and rehearsals. But despite all the difficulties, his efforts will be fully rewarded.

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