Watch, and Being Watched – dir. Siye Tao

Original Film Title: 看與被看

English Film Title: Watch, and Being Watched

Directors Name: Siye Tao

Writers Name: Siye Tao

Producer: Siye Tao

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Runtime: 8 minutes 12 seconds

Film Description: 

A group of amateur dancers, immerse themselves in a metropolitan city, probe and explore the world with their fluidic movements. In various settings, they found that, while observing the world presented upon them, they themselves become the object of observation by many others. The interaction between the dancers and their casual ‘audience’ makes their roles – audience vs. performer – blurred and interchangeable. Who are the performers and who are the audience? This is the question this short film tries to ask.

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