Lyric Suite – dir. Inaki Abalos, Samuel Gonzalez

Original Film Title: Lyric Suite

Directors Name: Inaki Abalos, Samuel Gonzalez

Writers Name: Inaki Abalos, Samuel Gonzalez

Producer: Inaki Abalos, Samuel Gonzalez

Country of Origin: France

Country of Filming: France, Spain

Language: French

Runtime: 34 minutes 11 seconds

Film Description: 

Within Alban Berg’s Lyric Suite lies an impossible but true love story, written secretly between the notes of a musical masterpiece. On another hand, Baudelaire’s poem, De profundis Clamavi, which ends the original musical score, becomes here the starting point and the script of our project. The original poem and music blent with the images are the true narrative guide line of our Lyric Suite, cinematographic, adaptation. We attempt to transform this musical masterpiece of the XX-th century into a new and original opera of the XXI-st century.