Lucid dreams – dir. Iana Gorokhova

Original Film Title: Lucid dreams

Directors Name: Iana Gorokhova

Writers Name: Iana Gorokhova

Producer: Iana Gorokhova

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Germany, Italy

Language: English

Runtime: 8 min 12 sec

Film Description: 

“Lucid dreams” is the first episode of a planned series “Berlin Faces”, which deals with the important players in the Berlin scene, artists, activists, athletes, without whom Berlin has no heart, soul, and face of its own as the city. Can the city have the heart at all and what is there? We are considering this in the series with the Berliners.

I make my first episode about the artist Lucy. Born in Sicily, he has been at home in Berlin for over 10 years. As a renowned techno DJ, music producer, and label owner Luca Mortellaro, he travels a lot all over the world but always likes to come back home. However, his perception of this city has changed a lot over the years and he no longer recognizes the people, the “vibe” and everything that seemed so attractive to him a few years ago in Berlin. 

A Home for Curiosities – dir. Ben Tobin

Original Film Title: A Home for Curiosities

Directors Name: Ben Tobin

Writers Name: Ben Tobin

Producer: Shannon Ryan, Ben Tobin

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 15 min

Film Description: 

A young boy discovers a house full of forgotten imaginary friends. Along with his friend Alice, Wallace helps bring these curiosities back to the real world to meet new human companions.

Weightless – dir. Dominik Rüedi

English Film Title: Weightless 

Original Film Title: Schwerelos

Directors Name: Dominik Rüedi

Writers Name: Carmela Schönenberger

Producer: Sandeep Abraham

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Country of Filming: Switzerland

Language: German

Runtime: 18 min 05 sec

Film Description: 

A negative diagnosis by the doctor, who lets the hope for recovery sink into the ground, a run over foot with angry looks from passers-by and a fall in basketball training show the current life of Paul. Actually he has only one wish, which he would like to fulfill for his deceased mother. This seems impossible to fulfil. When he talks to Tim, another young wheelchair user, about his mother’s last wish, he convinces him to go up the impossible mountain. By hitchhiking they meet two American paraglider pilots who are on their way to the same mountain. Together they always come a little closer to their goal.

Til Life Do Us Part – dir. Aaron Goldenberg

Original Film Title: Til Life Do Us Part 

Directors Name: Aaron Goldenberg

Writers Name: Aaron Goldenberg, Ariane Hahussaeu

Producer: Erin Jones Wesley, Alexis Anderson

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 17 min 39 sec

Film Description: 

Barnaby and Timothy are a match made in the grave. One is a miserable misanthrope and the other a paranoid hypochondriac; together they are 70-year-old best friends who make a suicide pact to spite the world and end it all before a disease does.

When Timothy unexpectedly chooses life, Barnaby accuses him of betraying the sacred suicide pact, corrupting their friendship into a struggle for the ground they walk on or the dirt underneath it.

Dear Father… – dir. Maren Klakegg

English Film Title: Dear Father…

Original Film Title: Kjære Far…

Directors Name: Maren Klakegg

Writers Name: Maren Klakegg

Producer: Simon Samdal

Country of Origin: Norway

Country of Filming: Norway

Language: Norwegian

Runtime: 19 min 43 sec

Film Description: 

Dear father… is a documentary about Beates fight to take back her life, after a childhood with a physically, mentaly and sexualy abusive father.

The Master – dir. Jinyang Zhang

Original Film Title: The Master

Directors Name: Jinyang Zhang

Writers Name: Jinyang Zhang

Producer: Huidi Sun

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: Chinese, English

Runtime: 10 min

Film Description: 

A homeless female thief was hypnotized in an infinite dream loop by the greatest magician, she tries to break the loop but her bad habits (stealing) made her lost more…

Ole, Benni and the Rest of the Universe – dir. Anna Ludwig

english film title: Ole, Benni and the Rest of the Universe

original film title: Ole, Benni und der Rest des Universums 

directors name: anna ludwig

writers name: anna ludwig

producer: anna ludwig

country of origin: germany

country of filming: germany

language: german

runtime: 22 min 53 sec

film description: 

That his friend benni has the down syndrome, ole (11) has never disturbed so far. but now – on the threshold of childhood to youth – their friendship is changing. ole is in love for the first time and suddenly it’s no longer easy to stand by his friend …

Día A Día – dir. Jan Philip Baldus, Tobias Kraus

Original Film Title: Día A Día

Directors Name: Jan Philip Baldus, Tobias Kraus 

Writers Name: 


Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Plurinational State of Bolivia

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 40 min

Film Description: 

The low-budget documentary “Día A Día” unbiasedly depicts the daily life of struggling individuals in La Paz, Bolivia. The trust between the German NGO “Soforthilfe La Paz e.V.” and the characters enables a personal relationship to document stories that would otherwise remain hidden.

The West Kerry Cowboy – dir. Cian O Connor

Original Film Title: The West Kerry Cowboy

Directors Name: Cian O Connor

Writers Name: Cian O Connor

Producer: Peter Kilmartin

Country of Origin: Ireland

Country of Filming: Ireland

Language: English

Runtime: 17 min 57 sec

Film Description: 

Big Mac and his dad Frank live a lonely life in the heart of West Kerry. After his mother’s death, Big Mac falls into a secretive world. On the day of her anniversary, Big Mac has a confession to make. The West Kerry Cowboy is a comedy drama about a man looking for acceptance of himself through acceptance by his father.

Just Friends – dir. Spencer Barrett

Original Film Title: Just Friends 

Directors Name: Spencer Barrett

Writers Name: Spencer Barrett

Producer: Madeline Grubert, Marisa Carreira

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 11 min 03 sec

Film Description: 

A trans boy works up the courage to come out to his childhood friend despite Patty’s desire for things to remain the same.