Lucid dreams – dir. Iana Gorokhova

Original Film Title: Lucid dreams

Directors Name: Iana Gorokhova

Writers Name: Iana Gorokhova

Producer: Iana Gorokhova

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Germany, Italy

Language: English

Runtime: 8 min 12 sec

Film Description: 

“Lucid dreams” is the first episode of a planned series “Berlin Faces”, which deals with the important players in the Berlin scene, artists, activists, athletes, without whom Berlin has no heart, soul, and face of its own as the city. Can the city have the heart at all and what is there? We are considering this in the series with the Berliners.

I make my first episode about the artist Lucy. Born in Sicily, he has been at home in Berlin for over 10 years. As a renowned techno DJ, music producer, and label owner Luca Mortellaro, he travels a lot all over the world but always likes to come back home. However, his perception of this city has changed a lot over the years and he no longer recognizes the people, the “vibe” and everything that seemed so attractive to him a few years ago in Berlin. 

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