Weightless – dir. Dominik Rüedi

English Film Title: Weightless 

Original Film Title: Schwerelos

Directors Name: Dominik Rüedi

Writers Name: Carmela Schönenberger

Producer: Sandeep Abraham

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Country of Filming: Switzerland

Language: German

Runtime: 18 min 05 sec

Film Description: 

A negative diagnosis by the doctor, who lets the hope for recovery sink into the ground, a run over foot with angry looks from passers-by and a fall in basketball training show the current life of Paul. Actually he has only one wish, which he would like to fulfill for his deceased mother. This seems impossible to fulfil. When he talks to Tim, another young wheelchair user, about his mother’s last wish, he convinces him to go up the impossible mountain. By hitchhiking they meet two American paraglider pilots who are on their way to the same mountain. Together they always come a little closer to their goal.

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