Lovers – dir. Alexandre Brisa

Original Film Title: Lovers

Directors Name: Alexandre Brisa 

Writers Name: Alexandre Brisa, William Shakespeare (based on the play “Romeo and Juliet”)

Producer: Anis Gaiji

Country of Origin: France

Country of Filming: France

Language:  multilingual

Runtime: 03 min 20 sec

Film Description: 

Regardless of our age, our origins, our values or beliefs, love is timeless. This is what I would like to present in this film. As a result, I have chosen to use the play “Romeo and Juliette” by William Shakespeare, navigating across generations. To represent them, I seek to have diverse acting Juliettes and Romeos, from various ages and ethnicities. Each couple will play in their original language. Everything will be shot in a sequence plan of two minutes, juggling between the replicas and the shifts of different characters. The film will end with Romeo letting himself fall into the deep waters. It will be important for me to film at the seashore to use water as an illusion of inception.

SMOTHERED – dir. Terri Hanauer

Original Film Title: SMOTHERED

Directors Name: Terri Hanauer

Writers Name: Jason Stuart, Mitch Hara

Producer: Jason Stuart

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States 

Language: English

Runtime: 5 min 

Film Description: 

A hysterical and sobering look at a gay, Jewish middle-aged couple trying to salvage their hideous relationship in therapy hell. They can’t stand each other but can’t afford to get divorced.

No Ghosts – dir. Engir Draugar

English Film Title: No Ghosts

Original Film Title: Engir Draugar

Directors Name: Ragnar Snorrason

Writers Name: Ragnar Snorrason

Producer: Heiðar Mar Björnsson

Country of Origin: Iceland

Country of Filming: Iceland

Language: Icelandic

Runtime: 15 min 41 sec

Film Description: 

Young Ruth, has recently experienced a great loss. She has the burn marks to show but other wounds run deeper. Her father, ravaged by guilt, takes her to a birthday party where he submits his thoughts to an adult while Ruth does the opposite in her own company of peers. Ruth does not speak a word to the other children and only stares at the ghostly balloons adorning the room, when a boy asks her if she’ll play the seeker in a game of hide and seek, she doesn’t respond. The boy takes her silence as consent and all the kids go hide. Ruth finally decides to seek but instead of looking for the other children she grabs a ghost-balloon, sneaks out of the house and goes in search of her dead brother. Ruth’s father eventually realises she´s gone and after a reverse hide and seek, finds her at the origin of their mutual loss, their burnt down home where she deals with a ghost of her own.

Open Water – Dan McDougall

Original Film Title: Open Water

Directors Name: Dan McDougall

Producer: Navdip Dhariwal

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Country of Filming: Greenland

Language: English, Inuktitut

Runtime: 15 min 30 sec 

Film Description: 

Today Greenland feels to be at the centre of many different issues facing our changing world. The unspoken truth is the perfect storm of a changing climate, and the rapid encroachment of the modern age has already dramatically impacted the Arctic people – forcing them to cope with change beyond their immediate control in the present – not the future. The short film, Open Water, is a triptych narrative, based on the lives of three Greenlanders; a Hunter, a Ship’s Captain and a Fisherman, individuals whose very existence and heritage is intertwined with the Arctic Ocean. Like many who live in the polar north, their fortunes straddle the extremes of summer and winter. In the best of times, they can fish, hunt and be free of one of the harshest landscapes known to man. In the worst of times, they are exposed to the climate crisis and stranded between Arctic storms and an unforgiving icy interior. At the heart of a warming planet, open water, an ocean without ice, offers both economic opportunity for fishermen in terms of access to Halibut grounds in winter and a longer tourism season, but also cultural decay in terms of traditional ways of life like sled dog hunting. Faced with the looming spectre of a drastically changing environment, these seafarers hold a complex range of emotions as they reflect on both their past, their present and future.

Sui Caedere – dir. Fabrizio Accettulli

Original Film Title: Sui Caedere

Directors Name: Fabrizio Accettulli

Writers Name: Fabrizio Accettulli

Producer: Fabrizio Accettulli

Country of Origin: Italy

Country of Filming: Italy

Language: Italian

Runtime: 12 min 57 sec 

Film Description: 

A man who has lost every hope in life thinks he finds a way out thanks to an app.

Cold Cuts – dir. Jose Maria Carrizo

English Film Title: Cold Cuts

Original Film Title: Fiambre

Directors Name: Jose Maria Carrizo

Writers Name: Jose Maria Carrizo

Producer: Emiliano Pellarolo, Jose Maria Carrizo

Country of Origin: Argentina

Country of Filming: Argentina

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 8 min 19 sec 

Film Description: 

When the family dog dies, Pancho – the only child – tries to arrange a proper burial, only to realise that all his efforts won’t make anyone happy, but his mother.

BoyMom – dir. Emily S. James

Original Film Title: BoyMom

Directors Name: Emily S. James

Writers Name: Emily S. James

Producer: Tony Saltzman

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 11 min 04 sec 

Film Description: 

Daisy Gates, a mom of two rowdy young boys, has a seemingly normal interaction with her kids that suddenly leads to a panic attack. Rattled by her own reaction, she tries to work through it in therapy, and in an awkward attempt to connect with her husband… but ultimately she begins to confront a past trauma with a man — and how it is affecting her parenting of two young men in the making.

Andrea – dir. Guillem Serra Lórenz

Original Film Title: Andrea

Directors Name: Guillem Serra Lórenz

Writers Name: Guillem Serra Lórenz

Producer: Guillem Serra Lórenz

Country of Origin: Spain

Country of Filming: Spain

Language: no

Runtime: 11 min 38 sec

Film Description: 

A girl, the sea, the mountain and the absurd.

Ain’t No Sunshine – dir. Daniel Seth Pagel

Original Film Title: Ain’t No Sunshine

Directors Name: Daniel Seth Pagel

Writers Name: Daniel Seth Pagel

Producer: William Pagel

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 10 min 52 sec

Film Description: 

We all have our vices. Mine happens to be you.

ALL-IN – dir. Marc Galtié, Karim Adenis

Original Film Title: ALL-IN

Directors Name: Marc Galtié, Karim Adenis

Writers Name: Marc Galtié, Karim Adenis, Sandra Marsaudon

Country of Origin: France

Country of Filming: France

Language: French

Runtime: 5 min

Film Description: 

Marco lost everything at the casino! He roams the streets and lands in a bar, where he can drown his dismay. There, he meets a man who offers him a drink, to drink to chance…