Lovers – dir. Alexandre Brisa

Original Film Title: Lovers

Directors Name: Alexandre Brisa 

Writers Name: Alexandre Brisa, William Shakespeare (based on the play “Romeo and Juliet”)

Producer: Anis Gaiji

Country of Origin: France

Country of Filming: France

Language:  multilingual

Runtime: 03 min 20 sec

Film Description: 

Regardless of our age, our origins, our values or beliefs, love is timeless. This is what I would like to present in this film. As a result, I have chosen to use the play “Romeo and Juliette” by William Shakespeare, navigating across generations. To represent them, I seek to have diverse acting Juliettes and Romeos, from various ages and ethnicities. Each couple will play in their original language. Everything will be shot in a sequence plan of two minutes, juggling between the replicas and the shifts of different characters. The film will end with Romeo letting himself fall into the deep waters. It will be important for me to film at the seashore to use water as an illusion of inception.

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