No Ghosts – dir. Engir Draugar

English Film Title: No Ghosts

Original Film Title: Engir Draugar

Directors Name: Ragnar Snorrason

Writers Name: Ragnar Snorrason

Producer: Heiðar Mar Björnsson

Country of Origin: Iceland

Country of Filming: Iceland

Language: Icelandic

Runtime: 15 min 41 sec

Film Description: 

Young Ruth, has recently experienced a great loss. She has the burn marks to show but other wounds run deeper. Her father, ravaged by guilt, takes her to a birthday party where he submits his thoughts to an adult while Ruth does the opposite in her own company of peers. Ruth does not speak a word to the other children and only stares at the ghostly balloons adorning the room, when a boy asks her if she’ll play the seeker in a game of hide and seek, she doesn’t respond. The boy takes her silence as consent and all the kids go hide. Ruth finally decides to seek but instead of looking for the other children she grabs a ghost-balloon, sneaks out of the house and goes in search of her dead brother. Ruth’s father eventually realises she´s gone and after a reverse hide and seek, finds her at the origin of their mutual loss, their burnt down home where she deals with a ghost of her own.

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