COMMONHEART. From a childish mind. – dir. Arild Remmereit

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Original Film Title: COMMONHEART. From a childish mind.

Director’s Name: Arild Remmereit

Writer’s Name: Arild Remmereit

Producer: Arild Remmereit

Country of Origin: Norway

Country of Filming: Norway

Language: Norwegian

Runtime: 1 hour 23 minutes 33 seconds

Film Description:

The main character is a boy child filmed at stages in his life, aged 6-8. He dreams, observes, walks and lives in nature. He sees and draws parallels in ways mature individuals mostly have lost the ability to observe.  
As a symbol of this pure observation, the ability to see the big and the tiny, a parallel story, represented by a fly, a bumblebee and a spider, is presented.

Once upon a time, he claims, we lived in harmony with our planet; a time when mother earth hummed children to sleep. 
There came a time when nobody heard the song anymore.

Far north, where fjords meet forests and mountains, he’s on his own, having walked far before and were searched for (by family, others?). Only one girl, age 12-13, was ever able to find him. He has walked far before but his time he will walk farther than ever before. 
He falls and is hurt. A boy, age 14-15 rescues him deep in the snowy forests and takes him to a cave. 
He wakes up in a bed and sees a note (with a map/code) stating: “Find the Walley of the Wolves if you can”.

The boy has again been found by the girl and together they endeavour on the search for the Walley of the Wolves.

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