“What if Schools Taught Us to Love” – dir. Yannick Borit

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Original Film Title: ”Et si les écoles nous apprenaient à aimer”

Director’s Name: Yannick Borit

Writer’s Name: Yannick Borit

Producer: Yannick Borit

Country of Origin: Myanmar

Country of Filming: Myanmar

Language: Other

Runtime: 55 minutes 28 seconds

Film Description:

This independent documentary, my second film as a director, with an original score specially created for these visuals, tells the story of a young Burmese girl who witnesses the harassment faced by a classmate. When she turns to her father in Dubai for help, he responds with a letter presenting three inspiring stories of individuals who have overcome obstacles through their determination, wisdom, and courage.

The first story follows a Buddhist monk. Despite the poverty he experienced in his village, he found refuge and a new life in a monastery.

The second story features a man of Burmese descent, half Buddhist through his grandmother and half Muslim through his grandfather. He participates in a grand “fire balloons” competition held annually in the Shan State. Unfortunately, his dragon-shaped balloon catches fire, symbolizing the failures and difficulties of his life. Despite this, he finds the strength to keep moving forward without giving up.

The third story revolves around a painter. Despite the handicap of having only one foot, he has transformed his life through painting, a passion he was able to develop through the encounter with a painting teacher and the unwavering support of his family. Painting and poetry have allowed him to express his creativity and emotions, offering him a means to transcend physical limitations and find deeper meaning in his life.

In conclusion, as the father reminds his daughter, this story shows us that we all have the potential to be agents of change in the world. We have all the answers to our problems within ourselves, but our inactions often allow these problems to persist. It is only when we find the courage to seek these answers and take action that we can truly make a difference.

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