Fellini Mastorna…a film of no return – dir. Jennifer Glee Foley

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Original Film Title: Fellini Mastorna…a film of no return

Director’s Name: Jennifer Glee Foley

Writer’s Name: Federico Wardal

Producer: Jennifer Glee Foley

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 25 minutes 6 seconds

Film Description:

Legendary Italian Filmmaker Federico Fellini never made a film he had been commissioned to do entitled ‘Il Mastorna.’ The new short film ‘Fellini Mastorna…a film of no return’ finds Fellini’s actor muse Federico Wardal as the Fortune Teller/Ghost within the original script as well as the young actor of Mastorna who is mute and vulnerable and new. The film follows a newly scripted version of ‘Mastorna’ the ‘Land of No Return.’ It is made in the United States and has an international resonance with the constant attempts within the manifestation of Self and Mask to penetrate to what is, is not, could be, couldn’t be or could be both or even more.

The film is its own ‘vision,’ its own ‘projection’ of the Self, the Mask, the Person, and the Mirror. The Mirror is ever-present, it penetrates the Camera, it is dangerous, as it was for Dorian Gray, Narcissus, and all who have looked into it and seen their ‘own image…covered by the Actor’s Mask…But the mirror is behind the mask and shows his (their) true face…’ –Carl Gustav Jung in _’Archetypes and the collective unconscious.’

The ‘invisible’ governs ‘Fellini Mastorna…a film of no return;’ it is the ‘mystery’ behind the movie. Its music is other-worldly, suggestive of other realms that are not within reach in the diurnal. The silent film tableau brings the film into the discussion of the Avantgarde in cinema; even the camera in the film belonged to silent film star Rudolph Valentino.

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