The wonderful pain of the wild Broom – dir. Olivia Calcaterra

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Original Film Title: La merveilleuse douleur du Gênet

Director’s Name: Olivia Calcaterra

Writer’s Name: Olivia Calcaterra

Producer: Nicola Genni

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Country of Filming: Spain

Language: Italian, Spanish

Runtime: 22 minutes

Film Description:

Gone in search of stray and abandoned Spanish greyhounds in Almeria, I decided to deal with the theme of abandonment through a documentary focusing on the introspection of emotions linked to this trauma. Inspired by Leopardi’s poem about resilience, I tried to bring together human and canine feelings in the experience of being abandoned by someone. The urge to make a documentary came after my first documentary last year. I wanted to try to give the project an aesthetic sense linked to fiction, to have two contrasting worlds in the film. The film is accompanied by a narrative voice, not a didactic one, in order to unite the reportage side with the photogenic and more experimental part.

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