The Ocean’s Stewards – dir. Sanne Molenaar

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Original Film Title: The Ocean’s Stewards

Director’s Name: Sanne Molenaar

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 27 minutes 47 seconds

Film Description:

The Ocean’s Stewards is an ode to the ocean. It examines the love of a group of people living on Hawaii, surfers and divers alike, who call the ocean their home and aim to protect it. The movie calls us to re-examine our connections with nature. Moreover, the movie takes us underwater to experience what it is like being submerged, coming face to face to all kinds of underwater animals. An immersive nature-filled experience guided by ocean lovers. The film The Ocean’s Stewards was created as a thesis project for the graduate studies in visual anthropology at the University of Amsterdam.

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