L’ALTRA META’ DI ME SEI TU – dir. Annarita Campo

Original Film Title: L’ALTRA META’ DI ME SEI TU

Director’s Name: Annarita Campo

Writer’s Name: Annarita Campo

Producer: Annarita Campo

Country of Origin: Italy

Country of Filming: Italy

Language: Italian

Runtime: 1 hour 56 minutes 24 seconds

Film Description:

Andrea is a young music composer and together with Silvana, who is a young film actress, she works for Giorgia, a film and theater producer.

The two women already know each other but one day Silvana calls Andrea and invites her to join her at her house.
Precisely on that occasion, Silvana does not hide her attraction for Andrea, and on that same occasion the passion explodes between the two women who spend the night together. From that night a great tormented and very passionate love will be born.

During the relationship with Andrea, Silvana discovers that she suffers from serious health problems, which will lead her to have a real hysterical crisis.

In this period she will be supported by Andrea who will support her by following her in her healing path, offering herself as a bone marrow donor.

But the passionate story is abruptly interrupted and the paths of Andrea and Silvana definitively separate, creating pain for both.

Andrea cannot overcome this disappointment, and while Silvana throws herself into the arms of a fool who lives in her own country, reducing herself to a miserable end, Andrea tries to dispose of the disappointment by accepting the advances of Giorgia, who, although married, has always been in love with Andrea.

Andrea and Giorgia thus begin a sexual relationship that is not enough for Andrea over time, so she decides to interrupt the relationship with her.
Giorgia in the meantime, however, had already left her husband, Roberto, to live her love for her with Andrea with whom she is madly in love.

Andrea feels confused because she cannot understand the true feeling she feels for Giorgia about her but a few months later he understands instead of loving her and decides to declare her true feelings to her. Andrea and Giorgia return together and decide to join civilly and crown their dream of love.

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