10, AUTUMN STREET – dir. Theo Herghelegiu

Original Film Title: TOAMNEI 10

Director’s Name: Theo Herghelegiu

Writer’s Name: Theo Herghelegiu

Producer: Dan Vulc

Country of Origin: Romania

Country of Filming: Romania

Language: Romanian

Runtime: 27 minutes 9 seconds

Film Description:

10, Autumn street is a short about ”extraordinary things happening to ordinary people”. The narrative evolves around a man in his 40s who comes home one night and finds an unknown woman in his apartament.
Built on this funny and odd situation, the film reveals in the end the cause of the peculiar event that generates fury, consternation, and confusion: for one night, two parallel universes overlap, causing the unusual meeting of two lonely people, literally living in their own world.
It’s like a game between the daily tangible reality and the unexplainable magic of life. Our life.

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