Translate. Guān luò yīn – dir. Richer Hu

Original Film Title: 觀落陰

Director’s Name: Richer Hu

Writer’s Name: Richer Hu, Xiu Yu Han

Producer: Alexander Khachatryan, Amo Chang

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Country of Filming: Taiwan

Language: Chinese, Chinese – Min Nan

Runtime: 19 minutes 25 seconds

Film Description:

Guān luò yīn is a traditional Taiwanese necromancy.
The scenes of this short film switch between the living and the dead worlds. In the story, the father lost his son and has lived in a van as his home since then.
He constantly seeks help from a spirit medium to communicate with the spirit of his beloved son by Guān luò yīn. Sadly, the father still can’t let go of his hatred for the teen who killed his son.
The film is performed by Li Kang-Sheng, who won the Golden Horse Award for Best Leading Actor, and Nadow Lin, who won the Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actor, and Erek Lin, who was nominated for the Golden Horse Award for Best New Actor.
The story revolves around the interaction and resentment between the three.

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