Extreme Cuisine – Natyamba – dir. Alyona Shitikova

Original Film Title: Extreme Cuisine – Natyamba

Director’s Name: Alyona Shitikova

Writer’s Name: Alyona Shitikova

Producer: Andrey Chelyadinov

Country of Origin: Germany

Runtime: 32 minutes 56 seconds

Film Description:

The TV host puts on a blindfold on the guest, and with his eyes closed, he must cook a dish. In order to prepare his “culinary masterpiece”, the guest has 60 minutes. As a result, the guest will have to eat everything that he has cooked. And most importantly, he must find all the ingredients in special jars, in which could be animals, insects, paints, glue, nails, cacti and other unexpected surprises that can be found instead of ingredients.

This time, the famous presenter, millionaire blogger, author of the popular Instagram channel Yulia Natyamba came to the show for the thrill.

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