The Eclipse: Recognized by the Sound – dir. Elly Yae Li Cho

Original Film Title: The Eclipse: Recognized by the Sound

Director’s Name: Elly Yae Li Cho

Writer’s Name: Elly Yae Li Cho

Producer: Jun Han Lee

Country of Origin: Korea, Republic of

Country of Filming: Korea, Republic of, United Kingdom

Language: Korean

Runtime: 14 minutes 21 seconds

Film Description:

This film is a silent piece. In this film, the memories Cho has of growing up during childhood become fragments of imagery that compose the development of the story. Cho grew up traveling back and forth between the urban space of Seoul and the natural environment of Jeju Island. Her memories and feelings behind these experiences are depicted by traversing over the temporal boundaries of the present and past, as well as the line between reality and illusion.

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