You Know Birds, They Fly Away and They Come Back – dir. Sihe Qiu

Original Film Title: 你知道,鸟儿飞走了还会回来

Director’s Name: Sihe Qiu

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 14 minutes 49 seconds

Film Description:

In the summer of 2018, a truck driver Lu Fuxin and his wife Wan Shouyu are on the road to deliver goods as usual, and a fashion advertising video evokes their personal memories of the past. The sudden blow makes them at a loss in such a big city. The effect of emotion and illusion makes them decide to make a show by using the past experiences. However, can the rotten end building under the dusk take them from illusion to reality? Anyway, they are already on their way to the Paris of their dreams…

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