The Last Piece – dir. Xinmao Jiang

Original Film Title: The Last Piece

Director’s Name: Xinmao Jiang

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 9 minutes 59 seconds

Film Description:

A girl who named Tianshan is unable to continue playing the erhu, because she is hard to accept the death of her grandfather. Meanwhile, Tianshan’s relatives want her to perform the last piece which she’s learned from her grandfather at her cousin’s wedding ceremony. Tianshan plans to take her grandmother on a trip to Tianshan Mountains, which has the same name with Tianshan as a landscape in the northwest of China. But Tianshan’s grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and be with limited mobility, also her mother can’t understand the mood of her. Tianshan twists and twists during puberty, then after trying to compromise, her thought about family, obsession and death education changes.

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