OPAQUE – dir. Aniket Chandrakant Dhavale

Original Film Title: OPAQUE

Director’s Name: Aniket Chandrakant Dhavale

Writer’s Name: Prarthana J Acharya

Producer: Aniket Chandrakant Dhavale

Country of Origin: India

Country of Filming: India

Language: English, Hindi

Runtime: 17 minutes 54 seconds

Film Description:

Goutam and Saanvi are falling in love with each other. The next step is marriage, but Goutam has a
secret he is not yet ready to share. He is an artist who paints nude models.
After struggling with his fear of losing her, of how his unconventional job might destroy their relationship, he takes the high road of being honest. Saanvi, shocked after hearing what he had to say, tells Goutam that she will discuss this with him later and leaves.
Goutam is dejected thinking Saanvi might reject him. He spends most of next days lost. Few weeks later, once she has composed herself, Saanvi meets Goutam. Goutam is shocked to hear her response. That she too is a nude model.
Although this seems to be a perfect match of interests, but is it?
Are men and women equal in our society for what they do?
Does morality judge them the same?
The true meaning of these questions and answers culminate when Saanvi and Goutam are faced with each other’s secrets, but remain questions for the audience who are required to find an answer for themselves.

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