FOREST ISLAND – dir. Ryosuke Handa

Original Film Title: 森へ island

Director’s Name: Ryosuke Handa

Writer’s Name: Ryosuke Handa

Producer: Yoshiko Kanazawa

Country of Origin: Japan

Country of Filming: Japan

Language: Japanese

Runtime: 48 minutes

Film Description:

IIn the midst of World War II, a young soldier escapes from an enemy plane that has crashed in the Boso Peninsula. A woman who lives in an isolated cottage in the forest rescued the injured man. When the unconscious man wakes up, he sees a hand-made cello in the room. “My dead son made it,” she says. He asks if he can play the cello. She brings the cell to him and he begins playing sarabande from Bach’s Suite No. 3 with his wounded hands.
The ghost of her dead son wanders in the forest and around his mother’s cottage with a kettle to draw water, but only birds can see the ghost, not the mother.
One day the mother hears the sound of a kettle.

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