Heroes of the Sea – dir. York Hovest, Katrin Eigendorf, Sabine Streich

Original Film Title: Helden der Meere

Director’s Name: York Hovest, Katrin Eigendorf, Sabine Streich

Writer’s Name: York Hovest

Producer: York Hovest

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Gabon, Germany, Haiti, Mexico, Portugal, Thailand, United States

Language: English, German

Runtime: 1 hour 12 minutes 52 seconds

Film Description:

What we need most urgently today are solutions.
From climate change to illegal fishing. From the death of corals to the global plastic pollution in our oceans. York Hovest finds real heroes around the world who impressively show us how to implement solutions. Heroes of the Sea is not just a cautionary appeal to humanity through shocking images. Rather, this film illustrates the positive message that we can all do something.

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