Do You Remember Your Mothers Hands – dir. Barbra Coco Laurré

Original Film Title: Husker du din mors hænder

Director’s Name: Barbra Coco Laurré

Writer’s Name: Barbra Coco Laurré

Producer’s Name: Barbra Coco Laurré

Country of Origin: Denmark

Country of Filming: Denmark, Norway

Language: Danish, Norwegian

Runtime: 18 minutes 38 seconds

Film Description:

A poetic and strong documentary about our mothers.
About the threads of life that are tied and woven,
and about carrying the weight of our own lives for better or worse.

Random people get one question in front of the camera. They all grew up in the Nordic countries, in a culture where children usually live with one or two parents in their own house.
The question asked is: Do you remember your mother’s hands?
The answers come from another depth than the stories we usually share about our mothers. They are raw and unprocessed, as none of the interviewees know the question in advance.
What memories emerge from the past?
So many years later, what images come up when your mind ponder on your mother hands?

Our earliest experiences in life make us who we are, and the film touches the place within us where we understand how big a size Mother is in a person’s life.

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