4 Suns & Piano – dir. Boris Kovac

Original Film Title: 4 Suns & Piano

Director’s Name: Boris Kovac

Writer’s Name: Boris Kovac

Producer’s Name:Boris Kovac

Country of Origin: Serbia

Country of Filming: Serbia

Language: Serbian

Runtime: 1 hour 19 minutes 15 seconds

Film Description:

A poetical documentary. Four men live and do everything that a modern man does not do – they live in nature and harmony with it. Producing almost everything they need with their two hands, their humble life becomes an inverted image in the mirror of modern man who destroys nature and destroys himself in his self-sufficiency. Four characters, through four seasons, paint a fresco of the transience of their everyday life and their intimate life stories that are refracted through phases by the eternal return of the same one of the countless natural cycles. The film creates a space where the director’s and composer’s poetics meet the life of the protagonist, the last examples of the native way of life in the real and metaphysical space of the Pannonian country, its world of nature, and traditional culture.

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