Tonton Manu – dir. Patrick Puzenat & Thierry Dechilly

Original Film Title: Tonton Manu

Directors Name: Patrick Puzenat, Thierry Dechilly

Writers Name: Patrick Puzenat, Thierry Dechilly, Saadia

Producer: Patrick Puzenat, Thierry Dechilly

Country of Origin: France

Country of Filming: Brazil, Cameroon, Congo, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the, Côte d’Ivoire, France, Guadeloupe, United Kingdom, United States

Language: French

Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes

Film Description: 

Manu Dibango is a man in a hurry who knows how to take his time. The film is in his image, giving way to long musical tracks, rehearsals, concerts, improvisations, moments of sharing with fellow artists in music, moments of grace where the unique voice of his swinging saxophone flies, swings, sways, exults or murmurs like a confidence.