Con el Tango – dir. Judith Albrecht

Original Film Title: Con el Tango

Directors Name: Judith Albrecht

Writers Name: Judith Albrecht, Chiche Nunez, Ester Duarte

Producer: Urquiza Production

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Argentina, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel

Language: English, German, Hebrew, Spanish

Runtime: 1 hour 25 minutes 7 seconds

Film Description: 

Con el Tango tells the story of the jewish tango couple Chiche Nunez and Ester Duarte and their Salon Urquiza in Berlin. What happens to yourself and to a dance when you leave your home country? This is the question that occupies them in their search for their personal home.
The Film follows the dance and love couple over 8 years in their life with tango. Chiche and Ester open the Salon Urquiza in Berlin and want to build a home for themselves, create a place to work and teach the Urquiza style.
The two continue to prove themselves as dancers on international concert stages, teach, run milongas, become parents, close the salon, lose and find each other again.

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