L’Impératrice – “Afraid of Girls” – dir. Julien Dewitte

Original Film Title: L’Impératrice – “Peur des filles”

Directors Name: Aube Perrie

Producer: Laura Duchesne

Country of Origin: France

Country of Filming: France

Language: French

Runtime: 4 minutes 59 seconds

Film Description: 

“Afraid of girls” is a kind of mini Plan 9 which, as its name suggests, plays on the fear of girls. Here, the aliens are them. By pure misandry, they land on a fabulous planet where their species does not exist. In fact, the earthmen are terrified. And rightly so, because as soon as they arrive, the girls slaughter them to the last one. Cannibals, they eat them but not only: they reanimate them in a much more servile zombie form!