Brok – dir. Julien Dewitte

Original Film Title: Brok

Directors Name: Julien Dewitte

Writers Name: Marie Antoon-Joannes

Country of Origin: Belgium

Country of Filming: Belgium

Language: French

Runtime: 2 minutes 15 seconds

Film Description: 

Dressed in old rags and pushing a used flatbed wagon, Brok travels through the picturesque streets and corners of Brussels, where he collects a very specific type of waste every day (paper, plastic, fabric, cigarette butts, cans, plastic bottles, etc.).  No speeches, no lessons given. Just the emotion that comes naturally out of his face, his eyes, his gestures, and also the words he says to himself that reveal his states of mind, from suffering to deliverance. The essential is expressed through images, sound effects and a little minimalist music.

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