Genericamente – dir. Giulio Neglia

Original Film Title: Genericamente 

Directors Name: Giulio Neglia

Writers Name: Giulio Neglia

Producer: Nuovo Imaie, Duel Produzioni

Country of Origin: Italy

Country of Filming: Italy

Language:  Italian

Runtime: 18 min

Film Description: 

Being a crowd is a job? Paolo, that dreams of being an actor, but with very poor results, is more used to appear in marginal roles. Paolo will tell us which are the enormous sacrifices, renunciations, senses of responsibility, injustices that torment the show business. From the eyes of the workers of cinema, Paolo tells an italian cross-section and, despite the economic difficulties, believes in a better world, more congenial and coherent to his dreams; these are the ones who for years have made Paolo dream, leaving aside the parental obligations: the eternal struggle between man and human being.

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